Customer Service Policy

Bilton Trader’s first-class customer service is based on the principles of our policy and mission statement:

You, the client, are our most important concern. At Bilton Traders, we appreciate that if you are totally happy with our services then that will lay the foundation for our success.

Bilton Traders fully understands that its key resources are its clients, staff, financial resource and its business reputation. Consequently, we commit ourselves to fully protecting the values of these important assets by rigorously applying moral and legal procedures that oversee all our business activities.

Bilton Traders prides itself on the quality of all aspects of its operations and services. We are constantly seeking to achieve the excellence of performance that will allow us to become a leading Forex provider. However, although we have a global presence we will always strive to ensure that all our business activities are performed to the level that you would expect from a world-class company.

At Bilton Traders, we believe that if our staff is happy then they will consistently provide first-class service to our customers enabling Bilton Traders to continuously grow and flourish.

Bilton Traders imposes a policy with the intent to constantly search for methods that will enable us to improve all aspects of our services, processes, technology and trading practices. We are particularly aware of the ever-changing nature of our competition and the need to find improvements to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers.

Bilton Traders believes in the importance of always trading with honesty and integrity. As such, you can rest assured that you will always experience these important attributes whenever you do business with Bilton Traders in all aspects.

Bilton Traders appreciates the wellbeing of all its clients as its prime objective. Consequently, our policy and mission is to build long-lasting relationships that are based on mutual success and honesty. Central to our policy for client care is our philosophy to provide proficient and excellent service as well as satisfying all their educational needs concerning our products and facilities.


Order Execution Policy

  1. Purpose.
    The purpose of this Order Execution Policy is to establish effective arrangements for obtaining the best possible results for the Company’s clients, when the Company is executing clients’ orders.
    This Order Execution Policy (the “Policy”) aims to set out those arrangements and to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.
    This Policy shall be read in conjunction with the Company’s Terms of Use.
  2. Legal Framework.
    This Policy is meant to obtain the best possible result for our clients taking into account price, costs, speed, likelihood of execution, size, nature or any other consideration relevant to the execution of the order. Nevertheless, whenever there is a specific instruction from the client, the Company shall execute the order following such specific instruction.
  3. Policy.
    The Company’s senior management reviews the Policy on an annual basis or/and whenever a material change occurs that impacts the Company’s ability to continue offering best execution of its clients’ orders using the Company’s trading platform.
    The Company proceeds to maintain the Policy, in order to ensure compliance with the Company’s obligation to execute orders on terms most favourable to the clients while achieving the best possible results for its clients, taking into consideration its clients’ ability, needs and trading policies, where applicable and possible.
    However, when the Company is ordered by the client to execute an order following specific instructions, the Company will be discharged of its obligation to execute orders on terms most favourable to the client.
  4. Best Execution Criteria

In order to determining the best execution criteria with relative importance of the execution factors, the Company will take into account:
· The characteristics of the client.
· The characteristics of the client’s order.
· The characteristics of the financial instruments that are the subject of such order.
· The characteristics of the execution venues to which such order can be directed.

The best possible result will be determined in terms of the total consideration, representing the price of the contract and the cost related to execution. The other execution factors of speed, likelihood of execution, size, nature or any other relevant consideration will, in most cases, be secondary to price and cost considerations, unless they would deliver the best possible result for the client in terms of total consideration.

  1. Execution Factors

The Company, when managing client’s orders, takes into account various execution factors, provided that there are no specific instructions from the client to the Company about the way of execution of the orders. The execution factors include:

  • Price.
    · Speed and likelihood of execution.
    · Costs or commissions.
    · Size and nature of the order.
    · Market conditions and variations.
    · Execution capability.
    · Any other direct consideration relevant to the execution of the order.
  1. Specific Instructions.
    In circumstances where the client provides the Company with a specific instruction as to how to execute an order and the Company has accepted this instruction, then the Company will execute the order in accordance with that specific instruction.
    Nevertheless, if the client provides a specific instruction to carry out an order, and by executing that order the Company will not be complying with the Company’s duty to provide the client with the best execution, the outcome may be that the Company will not be able to follow the Company’s order execution policy for that particular order.
  2. Pricing.
    The Company will provide its own tradable prices which are derived from independent price providers. The main way in which the Company will ensure that the client receives the best execution will be to ensure that the price provision to the client is made with reference and compared to a range of underlying price providers and data sources. The Company reviews its independent price providers at least once a year to ensure that correct and competitive pricing is offered.
    At an initial stage, the Company’s trading platform is integrated with the following price providers: TCM Investments Ltd
    The provider, is continuously updating its prices, therefore last updated prices are displayed on Company’s trading platform.
  3. Costs.
    When the client opens a position in some types of financial instruments, a commission or a financing fee will apply.
  4. Size of order.
    All orders are placed in monetary value. You will be able to place your order as long as you have enough balance in your trading account. If you wish to execute a large size order, in some cases the price may become less favourable considering the feed obtained from the Company’s price provider.
  5. Speed.
    As well known, prices change over time, the frequency with which they do varies with different financial instruments and market conditions. Considering that the tradable prices which are distributed via the Company’s trading platform/terminal, technology you use to communicate with the Company plays a crucial role. For instance, the use of a wireless connection, or dial up connection, or any other communication link that can cause a poor internet connection can cause unstable connectivity to the Company’s trading platform/terminal. The result for you is to place your orders at a delay and the order to be executed at better or worst prevailing market price offered by the Company via its platform/terminal.
  6. Nature of the order.
    The particular characterizing of an order depends on the Forex to be selected by you. The value of the trade mainly depended on the volatility of the underlying instrument, the set time of trade expiration and the risk management that you selected.
  7. Likelihood of execution.
    Due to the levels of volatility affecting the underlying instrument’s price, the Company seeks to provide your orders with the fastest execution reasonably possible.
  8. Likelihood of settlement.
    The Company shall proceed with the settlement of all transactions upon the execution and/or time of expiration of the specific transaction.
  9. Market Impact.
    The Company’s quoted prices which are derived from its independent price providers may be affected by various factors which could also affect the above mentioned factors. The Company will take all reasonable factors to ensure the best possible result for its clients.